Why not just use Google Earth Engine?

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Why not just use Google Earth Engine?

Google Earth Engine is a leading satellite EO data analytics platform with an extensive data catalog that is free for many to use.

So why use a platform such as GEO Analytics Canada, when Google Earth Engine is available? Google Earth Engine is a closed platform that is controlled by Google. Google decides what it can and cannot do, which datasets are available, how resources are allocated, etc. And you also can’t install GEE on your own infrastructure, such as high-performance computing or your own cloud infrastructure.

GEO Analytics Canada is designed to be part of an open network of data and computing services and is vendor agnostic, meaning it is the ideal partner for Canadian organizations seeking to move into the cloud.

The Pangeo project has published an excellent article comparing closed “one-stop-shops” like Google Earth Engine to open architecture systems such as GEO Analytics Canada. If you would like to discuss this with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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