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On-demand Personal Ubuntu Desktops in a browser

The Demonstration Platform enables the creation of personal Ubuntu desktop environments and makes these desktops available through a web browser. The ‘desktops in a browser’ means users can use Ubuntu desktop applications to explore platform data, develop applications and conduct analytics without needing to download data to a local PC. The Ubuntu desktops are customizable but pre-configured to packages such as the European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel Application Toolbox (SNAP) and Quantum GIS for geospatial data viewing and analysis.

To allow for easy access to EO datasets available on the proof of concept platform, EO data stores have been mounted into each user’s desktop environment. The pre-configured data access and storage mount points are listed in the table below.

Table: User desktop environments are preconfigured to provide easy access to all platform data stores.

Desktop environment mount pointDescription
/gcp-public-data-sentinel-2All Sentinel-2 data (worldwide) as provided by Google’s public data program. This location is read-only.
/gcp-public-data-landsatAll Landsat data (worldwide; including Landsat 4, 5, 7 and 8) as provided by Google’s public data program. This location is read-only.
/geoanalytics_user_shared_dataAll platform EO data collections including raw datasets and pre-processed datasets (as listed in Table 3). All users can read and write to this location.
~/geoanalytics_{username}A user’s personal data storage directory. Only the logged in user can read or write to their own personal storage directory.
When users start their personal desktop in a browser they can choose how many CPUs (1-31) and RAM (1-116GB) that the environment has
A screenshot showing a Sentinel-2 image being viewed through QGIS in a user's desktop in a browser environment
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