Demonstration Platform Documentation

Browse, find and manage Ground Truth data

The demonstration platform has implemented a ground truth data management system that allows vector ground truth data to be uploaded, viewed, deleted and integrated into other platform services.

To access the Ground Truth data management system, a user can click on “Ground Truth” from the proof of concept’s landing page. Ground Truth data is organized into collections that originate from uploaded shape files. New shape files can be uploaded to the system by clicking ‘Add Collection’. Clicking on a collection’s “Action” button allows collections to be deleted, or the features to be navigated and explored.

The Ground Truth management system implements powerful APIs that allow ground truth data to be integrated into other platform services, such as the EO data pre-processing and Jupyter-Lab analytic environments. Links to the API end points are provided by clicking on a features “action” button and selecting “Links”. API endpoints provided by the Ground Truth system implement the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) API-Features specification (previously referred to as WFS3) allowing for standards compliant libraries and applications to easily access all Ground Truth data.

Ground Truth datasets are organized into collections.
Ground truth features can be browsed and searched interactively.
The Ground Truth system implements APIs based on the OGC API-Features specification.
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