Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) tier

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Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) tier

The GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform is established in the public cloud. While designed to be deployable on multiple competing IAAS providers, the following criteria were considered:

  • Managed Kubernetes clusters – so that containerized workloads can be dynamically scheduled and scaled in an easily managed way
  • Pre-emptible nodes – so that largescale computations can be done in a cost-effective manner
  • Canadian data center – to address Canadian data residency requirements

Google Cloud meets the requirements and makes easily available the entire Landsat archive (Landsat 4-8) and the global Sentinel-2 collection, meaning there is no need to duplicate these datasets and no associated storage costs.

The IAAS tier provides an object storage system that allows large amounts of data, especially satellite EO data, to be stored and accessed easily through standard protocols. Object storage systems are designed and implemented to be highly durable, available and scalable.

A Network File System (NFS) service is also provided for user-specific data in order to provide home directory support for both the Jupyter-Lab and desktops in a browser systems.

The GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform can be implemented on a wide variety of High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. The portability of Pangeo environments between public cloud and HPC environments could be explored in future work.

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