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Our Approach to Designing and Developing a Big Geospatial Data Analytics Platform

The GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform’s mission is to enable Canadian industry, academia, and government to embrace the new era of satellite EO analytics using cloud and high-performance computing environments.

Our approach to designing and implementing the GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform integrates the following:

  1. Bring the user to the data – to achieve high performance data analytics, it’s critical to bring the user to the data and avoid downloading wherever possible. 
  2. Open and collaborative network – this platform is designed to be part of network of data and computing services, interoperating over high-bandwidth internet connections. This model alleviates the need for one organization to shoulder the entire infrastructural burden, allowing each to focus on its strengths and to stretch limited budget. We want to collaborate as we develop geospatial cloud systems.
  3. Infrastructure vendor agnostic – all tools and systems are architected to be infrastructure vendor agnostic and can be installed on a wide variety of cloud computing providers. This allows us to pursue hybrid and multi-cloud architectures that exploit pre-existing data stores, e.g. distributed machine learning with compute done close to pre-existing EO data stores.
  4. Supporting open science – all GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform tools and systems support the key tenants of open science: “openness, transparency, scrutiny and traceability of results, access to large volume of complex data, and the availability of community open tools”
  5. Canadian focused – the Demonstration Platform stores its data completely in Canada and primarily uses Canadian compute resources. This supports Canadian organizations that are required to fulfill Canadian privacy laws which require data to be kept in Canada.

Parts of the GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform have been developed in alignment with Pangeo, a U.S. funded project that is developing and supporting a suite of interconnected software packages that enable scalable geoscience data analytics.

We are committed to discuss your requirements and objectives and the potential of GEO Analytics Canada Demonstration Platform in an open and transparent manner – please contact us.

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