Advancing Canadian Satellite Earth Observation Analytics

Our mission: To enable Canadian industry, academia and government to embrace the new era of satellite Earth observation analytics using cloud and high-performance computing environments

What is GEO Analytics Canada?

GEO Analytics Canada is a cloud native, open platform for Big Data geoscience that can be customized and deployed in your own cloud or HPC infrastructure

What makes GEO Analytics Canada Different

GEO Analytics Canada isn’t the only satellite EO data analytics platform out there. We’ve used these platforms ourselves, and have worked with partners to develop other platforms.
So what makes GEO Analytics Canada different?

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform showcases how you can address the big geospatial data challenge
  • We provide cloud computing and geospatial analytics expertise to support you to develop your solution that is owned by you

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform is built from the ground-up to leverage the power of cloud computing
  • Cloud geospatial involves more than simply migrating desktop apps to the cloud

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform can be installed on a wide variety of cloud computing providers.
  • We can pursue hybrid and multi-cloud architectures that exploit pre-existing distributed data stores, such as Landsat and Sentinel data
  • Can use only Canadian data storage and compute resource to fulfill Canadian privacy laws which require data to be kept in Canada. 

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform enables you to develop your own algorithms and systems in Python
  • Scale processing dynamically and massively using industry standards such as Kubernetes and Docker

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform is a starting point towards an open architected, distributed ecosystem approach
  • Your platform should not require all data and tools to be centralized in one place – data and processing resources can be distributed

  • GEO Analytics Canada platform supports the key tenants of open science
  • “openness, transparency, scrutiny and traceability of results, access to large volume of complex data, and the availability of community open tools” 

  • Uses only Canadian data storage and compute resource. 
  • Supports Canadian organizations that are required to fulfill Canadian privacy laws which require data to be kept in Canada. 

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